ELA (E-Liquids Australia) is an Australian owned and operated business manufacturing e-liquids in Melbourne for over 5 years. ELA produces liquids using sustainably sourced, high quality, organic, kosher, and RSPO chain certified vegetable glycerine.

Our History

We began purchasing e-liquids early on in 2012. We were supplying them to e-cigarette stores around Australia and New Zealand. As we researched the liquids we were selling we had a difficult time finding any information about them. The little information (if any) provided no insight into the manufacturing standards or the quality testing of these liquids. We wanted to be able to provide quality assurance with the products we sold.

The only way we could be 100% transparent with our products was to make them ourselves.

One of the greatest challenges we faced creating e-liquids was producing a product consistently. A liquid that could be replicated without introducing or creating contaminants. It needed to have full traceability throughout the product and produce the same results across batches. Sourcing raw materials for the e-liquids from reputable sources was a highly important measure in ensuring a consistent product.

ELA was one of only five e-liquid manufacturers world wide to be certified with an ISO (International Standard) in 2014. To achieve ISO:9001-2008 certification we ensured the development of a quality assurance process. It included documentation, traceability, and the quality controls involved in the e-liquid manufacturing processAll these processes are described in our Quality Policy. If you have any questions or would like some more information regarding our Quality policy, feel free to contact us through the Contact Form.

We proudly have maintained the ISO:9001-2008 since 2014. From 2014 to 2017 we were audited every 6 months and maintained our certification level throughout the auditing process. We now hold the newly revised standard, ISO 9001-2015 accreditation for quality management systems.

ELA & The Environment

We understand that we all play a part in looking after our environment and keeping a healthy planet. Here are some ways that we consciously chose to conduct business and minimise a negative impact:

  • We use glass bottles for our e-liquids instead of plastic ones. Our bottles and lids are recyclable
  • We do not provide a dropper with every bottle.*
  • We use a high quality and sustainable, RSPO chain certified vegetable glycerine (VG)

*The choice is yours. As the dropper is the only non-recyclable part of the packaging, you decide if you need one. Should one be required we will provide you with one at no additional cost.