Buisson is a high quality e-liquid designed to tantalise the tastebuds. The flagship Fruit Flavours range was released November 27, 2018. Manufactured by ELA and designed by a dedicated and specialist team.

Silver Label

This is our MTL e-liquid. It has a PG/VG ratio of 50/50.

Gold Label

This is our DTL e-liquid. It has a PG/VG ratio of 30/70.

Red Label

Our red label is a single shot of flavour concentrate. This is only available in a 10ml size.


MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) refers to different e-liquid types. Some e-cigarettes are MTL devices and others are DTL devices. There are hybrid devices that allow the for the use of MTL or DTL liquids. 

MTL e-liquids and e-cigarettes are a popular choice amongst ex-smokers. The vape experience is similar to that of drawing back on a cigarette and bringing smoke into the mouth before inhaling into the lungs. 

DTL e-liquids and e-cigarettes require you to take a deep breath. It is fairer to compare DTL to a shisha pipe rather than a cigarette. DTL devices and e-liquids allow you to take a larger hit and create more clouds. 

It is advised that you use the e-liquid your device is designed to work with. Using the wrong e-liquid type can result in a negative vaping experience – burnt flavour, difficulty in ability to vape, and fast coil deterioration.