Fruit Flavours

Buisson by ELA - Fruit Flavour Range
The flagship range from the Buisson line of e-liquids is a collection of simple yet elegant fruit flavours.

This range is a taste sensation, full of vibrance and complexity minus sickly sweeteners. It has been designed to be an amazing all day vape that will keep your palate satisfied. The range contains 14 flavours, of which 13 are single fruit flavours. We just had to add our favourite dual fruit e-liquid into the mix and provide you with a taste of things to come. 


Just like a bite of a crisp fresh apple!

We have created an e-liquid that provides a complex and vibrant apple flavour minus the sickly sweet lolly taste.

Transport yourself to a gingham rug in an orchard with our shisha style vape juice. 


Just like sipping on a juice box. 

If you’re a fan of blackcurrant cordial sweetness with a piquant berry straight off the bush vibrance this might just be your new favourite all day vape juice. 

The perfect combination of fresh blackcurrants and sweet syrup goodness.



The ultimate combination of tangy and sweet.

This yummy little berry packs a powerful punch of flavour. Months were spent ensuring that the perfect combination of tangy and sweet flavours were used for this vape liquid gem. 

A juicy blueberry flavour that explodes in your mouth just as it should.


A cool blend with a complete flavour.

On a summer day there is nothing quite like the feeling and flavour of a cool juicy grape popping in your mouth. We have captured our favourite notes of grape flavour in this well balanced e-juice. 

Refresh yourself with a cool grape flavour sensation. 


Put down the knife and spoon. 

A delicious kiwi fruit flavour that just needs some hot coils to release the scrumptious ripe taste. 

Your taste buds will tingle with this fruity flavour. 



Sweet with just a hint of tartness.

Ripe fruit flavour with a crisp semi-sweet exhale. The taste of a super juicy lychee without the need to peel back any spiky skin.  

Our lychee fruit flavoured e-liquid is light and floral as it leaves the taste of summer in your mouth. 


Take your taste buds to the tropics 

Suck on the juicy goodness of our mango e-liquid. This is a sweet flavour with a fresh tartness to finish that will leave your palate desiring more. 

A fun and fantastic flavour to transport yourself on a tropical getaway. 



Cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelons too!

A flavour that features the holy melon trinity. The clean top notes of honeydew are carried by a strong body of watermelon which ends with a mild cantaloupe. 

A blend that will satisfy the palate of any melon and vape fan. 


Tart and tongue-tingly tasty!

Ripe pulp and vibrant flavours have been blended together and liquified to create a delicious all day vape. Tantalise your senses with an exotic tropical get away with a push of your vape button.

This is a tart, tangy, and ripe taste that will satisfy any passionfruit lover.


Sweet and juicy, peachy keen! 

Enjoy this fuzzy and juicy flavour without getting your hands sticky.  This e-liquid is a harmonious balance of the smooth and semi sweet nectar of white and yellow peaches. 

Get your chompers around this delectable and delightful vape liquid. 


Time for a tasty summer holiday.

When two favourite single fruit flavours become one! We just had to include this combination of fruity fun flavours in our new e-liquids range. 

Your tastebuds deserve a tantalising tropical holiday where these two fruits like to tango.   


Sweet summer fruity fun. 

A fun and flirty taste that will tease the senses. Inhale tropical sunshine with this popular fruit flavour. 

Our pineapple liquid provides a smooth well balanced inhale with a short juicy finish.


Fresh subtle sweetness with undertones of tartness.

A complex flavoured vape liquid that will have you wanting more. The flavours of this juice is the result of us tasting our way through many raspberry jams, icy-poles, lollies, and loads of fresh berries. 

We are serving you up a delicious and vibrant raspberry. 


Take a stroll through the strawberry fields. 

Our strawberry e-liquid combines layers of sweet jam with a hint of crisp green seeds and fresh from the garden flavours.

This is the strawberry flavoured e-liquid that you have been searching for. 

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The Buisson Fruit Flavours are available as MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) liquids.