Lemonade Flavours

The Buisson lemonade flavoured e-liquids collection is here to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We’re sure that you’ll find a flavour you love in this powerful new release from Buisson by ELA. We have carefully crafted these zingy cocktails by combining fruit flavours with lemonade. With each puff enjoy that familiar tingle in your mouth that comes with the first sip of a freshly poured lemonade.

If you need a little more fizz in your life be sure to check this range out.

Buisson by ELA - Fruit Flavour Range


Fill the room with the smell of freshly picked berries. 

This e-liquid has a deep and rich flavour. The taste of sweet sun ripened blackberries dominates your taste buds. A candy blackberry flavour sneaks into the mist and rounds off the vape circling in your mouth. Now imagine all this flavour wrapped up in a lemonade cloud.

This e-liquid is the perfect combination of fresh blackberries and sweet fizz.


A taste of the 60’s.

The Whitebark Raspberry (commonly known as Blue Raspberry) has been a delectable flavour to our palate since the 60’s. Closely related to the blackberry this has become a popular and familiar taste to the vape tongues.

Taste the tingle of the Whitebark.


Taste the tingle!

This tantalising trio combines sweet, tangy, and bitter tones with a bubbly explosive lemonade. The delicate balance has been perfected to ensure just the right tongue tingle on exhale. The flavours will dance around each other allowing you to have an exciting fresh experience every time.

An e-liquid for those after a truely tingly taste sensation.


Bite into this tang!

The juice of a luscious wholesome pomegranate full of sweetness intertwines with a tangy citrus hit. A sparkling lemonade residue is accentuated as you exhale creating a tang that you just want to bite!

This will linger on your taste buds and leave you wanting more.


A bittersweet and sublime sensation.

The sweet tart flavour of the raspberries is enhanced by a splash of lime citrus. Enveloped within a sparkly lemonade the fresh lime flavour provides a kick that will leave you licking your lips.

The taste lingers in the air not just on your lips.

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The Buisson Fruit Flavours are available as MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) liquids.