Menthol Flavours

Buisson by ELA - Fruit Flavour Range
The old ELA classic menthols range has been updated for the Buisson line of menthol e-liquids.

The high quality of the Buisson range, complete with material safety data sheets adds new standards to the old ELA flavours. Buisson have worked hard to ensure that the range is packed full of flavour and won’t disappoint fans of the old ELA taste.

The health and wellbeing of customers of e-liquids is at the heart of this redesign, ensuring that all products released under the Buisson brand are tested and receive an ISO rating. This ensures the consistency of the e-liquids flavours, ingredients, and standard.


50/50 tobacco/menthol split.

Alpine Ice is a half tobacco, half Menthol flavoured e-liquid. It’s one of the most popular choices within the menthol range. A mid-weight strength that provides an extremely strong throat hit.


Tobacco with earthy oak undertones and a hint of menthol. 

With a few extra tobacco drops than the ALPINE ICE, this e-liquid balances flavours on the tip of your tongue. The extra drops do not overpower the menthol taste but offer a harmonious mixture that satisfies.  


An extremely strong throat hit.

Icy Menthol is the strongest of the Buisson menthol flavour range. It has been designed for the most serious of menthol lovers. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect vape juice to make Game of Thrones references with, well…

Winter is coming.


A crowd favourite that leaves you feeling fresh.

MLB Menthol combines the most popular American tobacco with a strong hit of menthol. From inhale to exhale you will taste menthol combined with rich tobacco carried throughout the flavour.

Satisfying your senses with each breath.


Refreshing flavour for all day vaping. 

If you’re wanting an all day vape liquid Spearmint is for you. It’s mid range flavour is nice to vape on it’s own or can be mixed with other flavours. Add a menthol flavoured kick to your fruit or tobacco flavours.

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The Buisson Fruit Flavours are available as MTL (mouth to lung) and DTL (direct to lung) liquids.